For a better and
more sustainable living

Tmpl is a service that creates a better and more sustainable living. Technical solutions combined with a social platform where neighbours, business owners and real estate companies or landlords interact with each other. The core of the service is an easy and powerful app where the user has complete control over all the parts of his or her living situation.

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Get to know your neighbours –
feel safer

Tmpl creates new opportunities for communication and participation in an apartment building or co-op by providing tools that enables the users to share information, invite to events, borrow things or exchange services and resources with each other. The simple everyday contact can contribute to an increased feeling of safety in the residential area. 

Construction and living devours one fifth of the world’s energy consumption. 

Every effort to reduce consumption is important, including the individual household. Tmpl can show every apartments consumption of electricity and water and thus motivate reduced consumption. Then, both energy and money are saved. By borrowing and exchanging things with each other we also lessen wastage. 

To buy, sell and borrow saves money and natural resources

Tmpl is a smooth channel for neighbours to sell and buy superfluous stuff, or exchange things or simple services with each other. It is also easy to plan carpooling and collective grocery shopping or advertise for something you only need every now and then. Maybe every household doesn’t need its own drilling machine? 


We never thought that the app would become as popular as it has. If you are 65 or 25, it doesn't matter, everyone can use it.

Albin Samuelsson
Project developer, TB-Gruppen