The work, the home, the city
– everything in your mobile.

Tmpl is an app and digital platform that simplifies
life at home, at work and in the city. For tenants,
employees, neighbors and citizens – for everyone.

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The home – in your mobile.

One app that is adapted for you who manage housing and for everyone who lives.

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Wherever you work – in your mobile.

Office, coworking, work from home? This is an app that makes the workplace smoother no matter where you or your customers work.

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Tmpl makes everyday life a little easier, safer and more sustainable.

Reporting a maintenance problem, booking the laundry room or ordering a job lunch is just a click away. Offer your residents or office tenants better service, a wide range of services and stronger neighborhood cooperation.

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We operate in a fast-moving industry. Sometimes we barely have time to stop and tell about everything that happens. But we do our best to gather the latest here.

Klarna initiates strategic collaboration with PropTech company Tmpl

Sweden’s largest non-profit housing company Framtidenkoncernen chooses Tmpl as a partner

Wallenstam’s housing app popular with tenants

We work together with some of Sweden's leading real estate players.

Oscar Properties
Com Hem
Stena Fastigheter
Rosendal Fastigheter
Index Residence
Our tenants, like many others today, have an expectation of being able to handle more and more services digitally without complicated logins. Of course, in the public interest, we must be involved in driving the development towards smarter housing. With the entire home in your pocket, our tenants can now fix everyday matters such as booking a laundry time or sending a fault report wherever they are.
Tullan Nilsson
IT-strategist, Framtidenkoncernen