The work, the home, the city
– everything in your mobile.

Tmpl is an app and digital platform that simplifies life at home, at work and in the city. For tenants, employees, neighbors and citizens – for everyone.

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Tmpl App

The complete app where the end users have access to the complete range of features – communicate with everyone in the same community, book resources, log in with BankID, report errors and much more. Tmpl’s app is developed for both Android and iOS and is a complete app that makes everyday life easier, wherever you are.

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Tmpl Manager

The digital administration tool Tmpl Manager gives you as an administrator a complete overview of the entire property. Manage, moderate and coordinate all assets and real estate holdings in a smooth and simple way – it’s both effective and timesaving.

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Property Manager

Give the service staff a head start with Property Manager – a mobile platform where you can fix error reports and answer questions on the go, in a live chat with the tenants. The result is both cost-effective and time-efficient.

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With Tmpl’s entrance display, a digital and inclusive presence is created in the property’s stairwell – a complement to all end users in the property who do not have a smartphone. The display reflects the feed, shows public transport, joined resources and the property’s user register, and much more.

Manage errands like a master

Property Manager is a uniquely developed product, where landlords and attendants easily can fix error reports on the go and answer questions, directly in their phone. The result is a complete platform right in your pocket, which is both costeffective and timesaving.


Gather all errands in one place – facilitate all the administrative work for all service personnel who are on the go.


Let the service staff chat directly with the end user about the errand – both faster response and costeffective.


Get a clear overview of all errand history – from a specific community or from the entire property.

Our platform is adapted for flexible system integrations.

Our goal is to never create locks – choose the best from our platform and continue to use your systems as you wish.

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SSO - a login for all services

We simplify the user's journey between our and your system through SSO integrations, Single Sign-On.

API - retrieve and leave data smoothly

With the help of industry standards such as FastAPI and RealEstateCore, we can make our systems talk to each other via API integrations.

SDK – your functionality is integrated

För djupgående och sömlös integration där användar-
upplevelsen står i fokus använder vi våra samarbetspartners SDK.

We work together with some of Sweden's leading real estate players.

Oscar Properties
Com Hem
Stena Fastigheter
Rosendal Fastigheter
Index Residence
Atrium Ljungberg
Our tenants, like many others today, have an expectation of being able to handle more and more services digitally without complicated logins. Of course, in the public interest, we must be involved in driving the development towards smarter housing. With the entire home in your pocket, our tenants can now fix everyday matters such as booking a laundry time or sending a fault report wherever they are.
Tullan Nilsson
IT-strategist, Framtidenkoncernen