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About Tmpl

Tmpl is a property tech company that is developing a digital communication and service platform aimed at commercial and residential properties. We are developing an open, inclusive platform whose strength is built on synergies in the industry. We are not out to capitalize on the markets of current players, but want to create new value in partnership with the industry.

The neighborhood — your way

We are driving development towards a new standard for property and residential communications. Tmpl is an inclusive platform built on strengths from all the players in the industry. In partnership with managers, housing developers, municipalities and residents, we achieve things that would have been impossible for individual players in the housing industry.

Tmpl enhances efficiency in and facilitates customer relationships and resident dialogue for all players related to the property industry. We simplify interactions and participation, and increase social cooperation. We help people with everything from reducing electricity consumption, managing food deliveries and contacting property managers to buying a neighbor’s baby carriage or walking their dog.

​We have created a place where everyone has their say and has an opportunity to make an impact. We build new neighborhoods every day, in every building and every municipality. We call this the scalable neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood you design in accordance with your needs, your way.​

About the platform

With Tmpl, the user can communicate directly on their mobile device and get information from neighbors, the tenant owner association, employees or the landlord. The platform offers numerous possibilities, with functions ranging from the possibility of monitoring energy consumption or reporting a problem to booking resources or ordering services that make life simpler, more secure and more sustainable.

About the team

The developers of Tmpl come from companies such as Skanska, Apple and Nokia, and we have now assembled around a vision of how urban districts and cities can develop as well as the demands citizens will place on the city of the future. One of our most important driving forces is our understanding of our shared responsibility for contributing, even now, to building healthy living environments and a sustainable future.

We are Tmpl

Tmpl began with a vision of making it easier for people to live and work — whether they are neighbors, employees, tenants or citizens.

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What we do

Using digital solutions, we simplify communication and make our residences, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities more secure, more pleasant and more sustainable.

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