Buildings that are connected to Infometric’s or Compwell’s systems let their residents easily monitor their consumption of water and electricity by using Tmpl. In the app, residents can see how much cold water, hot water and electricity they have used during recent days and months.

Through anonymous rankings, residents can also see how they compare to their neighbours. The app shows two ratings for cold water, two for hot water and two for electricity, one of which refers to the previous day and the second refers to the previous month. There, you can see how your household did in relation to the other apartments. The chart that shows the household consumption during recent months also shows how you compare to a reference apartment that represents the average value taken from apartments of the same size as one’s own.

Rosendal Fastigheter’s project Smaragden, which is located in the sustainable and growing district of Rosendal in southern Uppsala, uses Compwell’s system. The consumption feature was introduced in the spring of 2016. During the first year after the feature was introduced to the residents, the energy consumption decreased by 8%.

Tmpl has recently initiated collaboration with TB-Gruppen. The construction and real estate group’s first project with Tmpl is using solar cells on the roofs of the buildings. We are therefore developing the consumption feature. In addition to the previous features relating to water and electricity, the residents will also be able to monitor their electricity production.