In the co-op Frösunda 1 in Bålsta, the app Boaktiva is used. The app is based on Tmpl’ features, and it is a part of Wästbygg’s concept with the same name – a concept for ecological, social and economic sustainability, where nudging is used to encourage and stimulate the residents to be active, hang out with each other and share things.

Nudging is about influencing behaviours. In collaboration with Beteendelabbet and the co-op’s residents, Wästbygg has developed and concretised the concept further in Frösunda. They have created “Grannboden” and “Botipset”.

“Grannboden” is a shed filled with things for the neighbours to share. In the shed, you can find, for example, a wheel barrow and a bicycle pump, but also a boule set and a barbeque. The things can be booked via Tmpls resource booking system in the Boaktiva app.

“Botipset” is a user account in the app that published posts in the Feed that aims to encourage the residents to live sustainable and active lives, for example by exercising together.

– It will be interesting to follow the use of the “Grannboden” resources. We hope and think that it, as well as “Botipset”, will contribute to an increased social sustainability in Frösunda. It is also very nice that we have a smooth channel for the concept in the Boaktiva app, says Susanne Wedin, Project Developer at Wästbygg.