Avy and Tmpl announce a definitive merger agreement forming the leading housing app and Tenant Experience Platform in the Nordics.

For over 6 years, Tmpl has developed technology adapted for humans and their home. Now Tmpl merges with Avy and the new company name becomes 
Avy-Tmpl. New name – but with the same commitment, heart and vision.

Avy-Tmpl’s combined platform results in the widest product range in the Nordics and a complete offer for property owners and residents. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we continue to look forward to working towards the vision of leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing.

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Tmpl for Public housing.

With Tmpl’s platform, public housing companies get the tools to digitize their rental apartments and the chance to collaborate with the tenants in a smooth way. A collaboration that can contribute to cost-effective management, climate-smart choices and a more sustainable lifestyle. Together we make a difference and enable an inclusive living environment – for everyone.

Open and adaptable
– the complete platform.

Tmpl App

In the app, you as a landlord can inform all tenants within the same community. The tenant can also book a laundry room, take part in information, create events, make error reports, buy and sell things and much more.

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Tmpl Manager

In the administration management, all areas in the organization are managed. Important information that affects all tenants is disseminated, the customer center can handle matters and you can also manage errands externally - for example the emergency service.

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Property Manager

Give your service staff a head start with Property Manager – a mobile tool where you can fix bug reports and answer questions on the go, in a live chat with your tenants. The result is both cost-effective and time-efficient.

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How Tmpl’s housing app can streamline your management

Tmpl have extensive experience of helping public housing companies digitize their property holdings. We have gathered the 30 most common requirements and questions when it comes to digitizing your properties and rental apartments.

How Tmpl makes your every day life easier

Meet your tenants – on your mobile.

All tenants expect easily accessible information concerning their accommodation and area. With Tmpl’s app, you as a landlord get a chance to communicate easily and directly with the entire property portfolio. Regardless of whether it concerns administration, notices of meetings or information sending.

The feed

Create posts directly in the feed – either to the entire property or an individual community. Attach important posts at the top.


Conduct NKI surveys – satisfied tenants are the most effective way to grow your business.


Collect all important documents related to accommodation – directly on your mobile. Make sure all residents have the latest information.

Public housing companies using Tmpl.


Manage errands like a master

Property Manager is a uniquely developed product, where landlords and property managers easily can fix error reports on the go and answer questions, directly on the phone. With a clear overview of all matters in the property portfolio and in a few clicks, both the end user and the manager can follow the entire matter from beginning to end. The result is a complete tool right in your pocket, which is both cost-effective and time-saving.

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Increased sustainability – better housing for everyone.

Sustainability has many perspectives – socially, economically and environmentally. With Tmpl’s app, your tenants can easily communicate with their neighbors, book shared and private resources and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

The feed

The feed strengthens social sustainability. Let the tenants write posts, comment, create events and sell things.

Book & Share

Make available the property’s common resources such as laundry, premises and tools – directly in the mobile.


Encourage your tenants to live more sustainably – show the apartment’s individual electricity and water consumption.

Give customer service the best support.

Relieve your customer service with administrative issues. With the help of the administration tool Tmpl Manager, the entire property portfolio can be managed and managed in a single system.

Digital signing

Sign agreements and agreements digitally – administrative costs and shorter processing times.

Moving process

Streamline administration when moving in and out – digital flows are updated automatically in all places.


Tenants can see and pay the monthly rent directly on their mobile phones – all for a smoother and simpler everyday life.

With the entire accommodation in your pocket, our tenants can now fix everyday matters such as booking a laundry time or sending a fault report wherever they are.
Tullan Nilsson
IT strategist, Framtidenkoncernen