Avy and Tmpl announce a definitive merger agreement forming the leading housing app and Tenant Experience Platform in the Nordics.

For over 6 years, Tmpl has developed technology adapted for humans and their home. Now Tmpl merges with Avy and the new company name becomes 
Avy-Tmpl. New name – but with the same commitment, heart and vision.

Avy-Tmpl’s combined platform results in the widest product range in the Nordics and a complete offer for property owners and residents. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we continue to look forward to working towards the vision of leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing.

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Digitize your cooperative.

With Tmpl’s app, co-operative and tenant-owner associations get the opportunity to have more efficient board work that facilitates administration and gathers all information in one place. At the same time, the commitment among the members is strengthened, which leads to a stronger neighborly dialogue and a community that increases well-being in the area.

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Tmpl App

Board work, neighbor meeting or just moved in? Tmpl’s housing app makes everyday life easier for everyone in a co-operative and strengthens the neighbor dialogue. Talk to your neighbor, invite to board meetings, inform all members at once and much more.

Tmpl Manager

In the administration tool, the entire association can be managed and handled. Manage important information that affects all members and avoid manual information sending, automate moving processes with digital signatures and automatic name change.

Tmpl Display

Digitize the entrance or stairwell for a nicer living environment and a more inclusive everyday life. The display shows housing registers, the common resources and also reflects the flow. Even users who do not have a smartphone can take part in the platform’s content.

Simplify board work – get more committed members.

Get a single communication space to facilitate the board’s work – smoother and more flexible both for the board but also for all neighbors. With the housing app, the board gets a chance to communicate easily and directly with the entire neighborhood. Whether it is for invitations to meetings, find the right document in the housing folder or send out information.

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Digitize the housing folder

Collect all important documents related to the accommodation directly in the phone – all information is gathered in one place.


Send out invitations to board meetings and other important meetings directly in the flow – attach important invitations at the top.


Communicate and inform everyone in the same area – no more notes on the stairs or manual administration.

When we moved into our first apartment, we received our rent in the postal box and the information on the bulletin board down the stairs. Now everything is gathered in the mobile and it is so convenient for us.
Mirelle Fylke
Living in a apartment at Wallenstam, in Kvillebäck

Do as over 400 other cooperatives – bring people closer to each other.

A home is so much more than what fits within four walls and with a strong community, larger homes and happier everyday lives are created. With Tmpl’s housing app, all neighbors get the opportunity to get closer to each other with the help of the flow, common resources and much more – no matter where they are.

Sustainable homes and areas – for the planet and future generations

Our future is now and as a housing developer you are constantly looking ahead. Sustainability has many perspectives – both economically, socially and environmentally. Tmpl works with all areas, which in turn leads to stronger sharing economy, recycling, recycling and a more sustainable lifestyle. Win win, so to speak.

Strong sharing economy

Buy, sell, borrow and donate things – strengthen the local sharing economy and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

Create events

Strengthen social cohesion in the area and create joint events – all members feel included.

Monitor consumption

Encourage your members to live more sustainably – show the apartment’s individual electricity and water consumption.