The sustainable neighborhood.

Digitization and smart cities make life easier for us. Tmpl provides a digital platform for the city to interact with citizens in a simple and inclusive way. By being a digital platform that welcomes partners and external solutions, it can be adapted to every city, every district and every neighborhood – for a more democratic and inclusive society.

Extended citizen dialogue

With Tmpl’s digital platform, cities and municipalities get the chance to interact with all citizens – directly on their mobile phones. Citizen dialogue, municipal information and error reporting can be handled and administered in a simple way.


In the feed, the entire neighborhood can get quick information from the municipality – important information reaches everyone directly.

Local shops

Elevate local shops in the area – promote the local neighborhood and business community with a wide range of services.

Problem reports

Include citizens in urban development and collect data from problem reports – more people can participate in the design of our cities.

We constantly need to find new ways to reach out with information to Uppsala residents. Through this pilot project, we hope to simplify the everyday life of the residents of Rosendal and make it easier to live in the area during the construction period.
Erik Pelling
Chairman, Mark- och exploateringsutskottet (S)

Lift local service providers – promote the local neighborhood

Our cities are constantly changing and the new digital city is becoming increasingly important to be able to create neighborhoods where everything we need is just within a short walk, or bike ride away. Raising the local business community in the form of shops, restaurants and suppliers is a very important part of the digital city of the future. With Tmpl’s platform, all actors can gather in the same place and reach out to citizens in a simple way.

A simplified everyday life with relevant services

Sustainable areas – let the neighborhood flourish

Our future is now and as city developers and municipalities, sustainability is important – both financially, socially and environmentally. Tmpl works with all areas to encourage more social interaction, a stronger sharing economy, recycling, recycling and a more sustainable lifestyle. Win win, so to speak.

Create public events

Invite all citizens to city events – benefit both the local business community and strengthen social cohesion.

Strong sharing economy

Buy, sell, borrow and donate things – strengthen the local sharing economy and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

Green environment

Encourage residents to live more sustainably – pay attention to green areas and share climate-smart tips.

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