Manage the needs of commercial property tenants

The platform simplifies communication with tenants and enables their needs to be met in a better way. Examples of functionality include managing entry solutions, resource booking, problem reporting and the possibility of offering tenants services and much more. We are continually developing new solutions and can also offer customized designs.

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Make it easier to communicate effectively - talk to everyone in your community through our feed and send out NKI surveys.

The city

The sustainable city - when our home opens up and the city becomes the common link to a more sustainable life.

Digitalize your 

Gather all communication digitally in one place and take control over your digital journey with a user-friendly platform.

Efficient communication

Position your company through digital solutions

Decisions based on data

More efficient issue management

Enhance responsiveness in surveys


Collect and manage all costs in your phone - get access to a wide range of services that simplifies everyday life.


Optimera tillgången till all viktig information 
– samla alla dokument i mobilen för att få en tydlig överblick.


Keyless accesses and interactive bookings - streamline the property's surfaces and reduce manual administration.


Sustainability has many perspectives - socially, economically and environmentally. It contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it easier to make the right decisions.

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