Manage the needs of commercial property tenants

The platform simplifies communication with tenants and enables their needs to be met in a better way. Examples of functionality include managing entry solutions, resource booking, problem reporting and the possibility of offering tenants services and much more. We are continually developing new solutions and can also offer customized designs.

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Digitalize your 

Gather all communication digitally in one place and take control over your digital journey with a user-friendly platform.

Efficient communication

Position your company through digital solutions

Decisions based on data

More efficient issue management

Enhance responsiveness in surveys

Brand the customer experience

Through a so-called White Label solution, the app can be adjusted to the real estate companies graphical profile.

Strengthen the brand

Prolonged customer relations

Increased customer satisfaction

Create new values and revenue streams

Offer a collected service selection relevant for the home or office.

Better meet people's needs

Increased value creation through services

Creation of new revenue streams

Increase social 

Enable dialogue, cooperation and information dissemination between users.

Feelings of loneliness are counteracted

Stronger community

Increased safety

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