The Tmpl platform has been developed to meet future residential needs in apartment buildings and residential areas.

It provides managers with a tool that easily and safely manages residents’ various needs for information, communication and administrative support, creates a stronger relationship with the residents and gives the manager control over the services in the property. We are continually developing new solutions and can also offer customized designs.

A shared residential app also creates the conditions for increased neighbor cooperation, a sense of solidarity and security, which in turn promotes social sustainability not only in the specific property holding but in the neighborhood as well.

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Make it easier to communicate effectively - talk to everyone in your community through our feed and send out NKI surveys.

The city

The sustainable city - when our home opens up and the city becomes the common link to a more sustainable life.

Digitalize your 

Gather all communication digitally in one place and take control over your digital journey with a user-friendly platform.

Efficient communication

Position your company through digital solutions

Decisions based on data

More efficient issue management

Enhance responsiveness in surveys


Collect and manage all costs in your phone - get access to a wide range of services that simplifies everyday life.


Optimera tillgången till all viktig information 
– samla alla dokument i mobilen för att få en tydlig överblick.


Keyless accesses and interactive bookings - streamline the property's surfaces and reduce manual administration.


Sustainability has many perspectives - socially, economically and environmentally. It contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it easier to make the right decisions.

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