Wherever you work
– in your mobile.

Our digital platform and app for offices and coworking gives you as a commercial real estate company or office landlord a tool that makes it easier and more sustainable to handle tenant needs.

You also get strong administrative support that helps you streamline and save costs in several areas. We adjust the design so that the app follows your graphic profile – it also strengthens your brand.

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This is what you get.

We offer you a digital platform for the office that simplifies life for tenants, employees, office neighbors and citizens – for everyone. You can start small, evaluate, and scale up at the pace that suits you. This is what we offer:

Tmpl App

Through the app, office tenants can talk to each other, book conference rooms, report maintenance problems and much more.

Tmpl App

Tmpl API follows the industry standard RealEstateCore. Simply put, we get your and our systems to talk to each other.

Tmpl App

Do you already have existing systems? We offer FastAPI and we support for example, Real Estate Core. Simply put – we get your and our systems talking to each other.

Meet your office tenants’ needs.

The features in the Tmpl office app makes everyday life easier for your tenants in many ways. For example they get a wide range of office services, and tenants can manage and collect everything related to the work in one place. Here we present some of the features.


As a landlord, office tenant or employee, you can communicate with everyone who belongs to a property, a company or "a community" as we call it.


Your tenants can take advantage of a wide range of services. For example, it can be anything from office supplies, lunch restaurants and cleaning.

Booking & Sharing

Here, the tenants book common resources, such as conference rooms. They can also share, buy, sell, borrow and exchange things.


All documents, images and videos that have to do with the work at one place.

Therefore you should choose Tmpl Work.

Both you and your office tenants get an easier everyday life. The Tmpl office app creates everything from a wide range of services and simpler administration to large time savings and reduced costs.

  • Simplifies and improves communication
– which gives more satisfied and happier tenants
  • Saves time and reduces costs
    several areas are streamlined
  • Offers a wide range of services to all tenants/employees
    – creates a simplified everyday life
  • Increases social and climate sustainability
    – a better working environment for everyone
  • Strengthens the brand
    – get an app adapted to your graphic profile
  • Collects information and data
    – for better decision-making
We see the investment in a modern digital customer interface as a natural step in our ambition to give the real estate industry completely new digital conditions. Everything we do with Tmpl we will make available to our industry colleagues. We are convinced that this is the only way to create the conditions for achieving the goal of smarter and more sustainable cities within a reasonable time.
Peter Östman
Communications Manager, Vasakronan

Questions? No problem, we'll help you.

  • Can I have an overview of all my properties in the app?

    • Yes, you can log in and get access all information about all your properties both in the app and in the Tmpl Manager platform.

  • How do I handle the administration regarding my tenants?

    • As a property owner, you manage the administration through our admin tool called Tmpl Manager.

  • If a tenant / employee does not have a smartphone - how should he or she be given access to the app's various features?

    • 90% of Sweden’s population has a smartphone today, but to be completely sure that all tenants / employees can take part in the features, we also recommend installing an entrance display in the properties. It reflects the features in the app and where tenants / employees can book resources, read and make posts, report maintenance issues and more.

  • Can Tmpl's platform replace "My Pages"?

    • That you could say. Tmpl’s app handles everything from booking resources, report maintenance problems and communication between you and your tenants. The app covers most of what is usually included under “My Page”.

  • What can tenants do more in the app besides communicate, report maintenance problems and book conference rooms?

    • The tenants can buy, sell and exchange things with each other, there are ready-made features for that in the app. It is also possible to share private resources with their colleagues, for example lending their high ladder or screwdriver so that everyone does not have to buy their own. It is good for both the economy and the environment. The tenants can also invite to their own events such as afterwork, the lunch walk, joint training activities and more.

  • Can the app be designed according to my company's graphic profile?

    • Of course. In this way, both you as a property owner and your tenants will feel that you have your own app. And it strengthens your brand.

  • Who is Tmpl behind the app?

    • Tmpl is an Uppsala-based company that operates within Property Technology (PropTech). We are about 30 employees who work with development, marketing, business development and support. Our vision is that we want to make everyday life easier for everyone who lives and works.

  • Which customers do you work with today?

    • We have customers both among private real estate companies as well as companies in the public utility. Our platform works just as well regardless of the size of the property portfolio. We are found both in home environments and in office environments. And then both in traditional offices and in coworking.

You want to know more? Contact Mikael Gustafsson, he can answer all your questions regarding Tmpl Work.

Mikael Gustafsson
Head of Business Development Work

+46 768 80 00 11