We are Tmpl

Welcome to Tmpl. We who work here come from a variety of backgrounds, with vast experience within property, finance, entertainment and, of course, technology and data science. We have now gathered to help make peoples lives easier, safer and more sustainable – in the neighborhood, at work and in the city.


Do you want to know more about Tmpl and our platform?

Please contact someone of us working with business development.

Henrik Svanqvist

CEO & Business Developer

Victoria Lenander


Magnus Wretbring

Head of Business Development

Mattias Labraaten

Head of Customer Success

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Anna Bokström

Support Agent/Office Manager

Eric Koppel-Ekvall

DevOps Manager / Lead Backend Developer

Eric Lindahl

Android Developer

Gustav Fredriksson

Backend Developer

Jesper Orb

Frontend Developer

Jimmy Holmström

Lead iOS Developer

Jimmy Tallberg

Head of Data & IT Business Analyst

Joachim Lindqvist

Frontend Developer

Johan Windahl

Backend Developer

Johanna Svanqvist

Strategy & Growth

Karina Esbjörnsson

Quality Assurance Manager

Karl Ekfeldt

Quality Assurance

Linnar Billman

Backend Developer

Liza Pedersen

UI/UX & Marketing Creative

Mikael Söderberg

Backend Developer

Niklas Joelsson

Marketing Manager

Oskar Persson

System Architect / Backend Developer

Petros Chariskos

Lead Android Developer

Robin Ramsell

Head of Design

Simon Strandman

Frontend Developer

Vivianne Eriksson

Customer Success Manager

Åsa Lovén

Customer Success Manager

We are Tmpl

Tmpl began with a vision of making it easier for people to live and work — whether they are neighbors, employees, tenants or citizens.

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What we do

Using digital solutions, we simplify communication and make our residences, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities more secure, more pleasant and more sustainable.

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