Avy and Tmpl announce a definitive merger agreement forming the leading housing app and Tenant Experience Platform in the Nordics.

For over 6 years, Tmpl has developed technology adapted for humans and their home. Now Tmpl merges with Avy and the new company name becomes 
Avy-Tmpl. New name – but with the same commitment, heart and vision.

Avy-Tmpl’s combined platform results in the widest product range in the Nordics and a complete offer for property owners and residents. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we continue to look forward to working towards the vision of leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing.

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Touch By Index Residence

How Index Residence delivers exceptional service with Tmpl’s housing platform

Index Residence has a long history of obtaining unique homes in the Stockholm region and has the same goals as Tmpl has with its housing app and platform – the opportunity for a freer and more quality-filled life. The residents of Soltornet, Norrtälje Torn, became the first members of Touch by Index Residence to take part in the service through the housing app. Since moving in in July 2019, the members have created over 600 posts in the feed and more than 73% of all members log in to the app at least once a day.

Index Residence is the property developer that offers premium housing in central Norrtälje. In Soltornet, it is about much more than just living. Behind the scenes, it is Anna Rensvik, Business Coordinator, and Alexander Skiöldsparr Irving, Chefsconcierge, who ensures that all members feel comfortable in their homes and that everyone gets help with whatever comes up. Anna has had contact with all stakeholders as far as two years before the house was ready to move into. Already at an early stage, it was important to tell about all the services and solutions they would have access to when the apartments were ready to move in to. Some of the services were Tmpl’s housing app.

– It is important for us to make our members feel welcome and safe in their new home. As many as 65% move to Norrtälje from outside and therefore have no previous knowledge of the city. We therefore invited the neighbors for an early coffee, so all future neighbors got the chance to get to know each other, but also to be able to provide information about all services in the house and at the same time get started with the app, says Anna Rensvik.

– With our get-started guides and early access, we were able to let all members into the app very early in the process. This allowed them to start talking to each other, asking questions and sharing information before they even moved in. The social community was strengthened and security was built up even before moving in thanks to the app, Anna continues.

In Soltornet, Index has launched the lifestyle concept “Touch By Index Residence”, where they offer all members their own Lounge and access to. Including conference rooms, boat pool, bicycle pool and car pool. All resources are booked in the app and in the concept there is also a concierge who is available.

– As chief concierge, I get very close to our members. I help everyone get started with their app, receive packages, let in craftsmen and arrange an extra key if someone is going to lend their apartment over the weekend. I also make sure that food bags are delivered into the apartment when our members are not at home. For me, it is important to create security for everyone, but also to function as a complement to the app where members otherwise find all the information and service, says Alexander.

“With our get-started guides and early access, we were able to let all members into the app very early in the process. The social community was strengthened and security was built up even before moving in, thanks to the app. ”

– We have seen that the combination of the social contact and security from me as a concierge, together with the fast and updated information that our members receive from the app, is an unbeatable combination that allows us to deliver exceptional service, Alexander continues.

The housing app has been a matter of course for everyone. It has enabled a tight neighborly dialogue, created a strong commitment and a good community. 73% of all members log in to the app at least once a day and as many as 97% have registered in the app. There are a few who have not registered because they do not have a smartphone. Instead, they get the opportunity to take part in the information via Tmpl’s digital Entrance Display in the Lounge. There, they get access to the same information from the feed in the app, contact information to neighbors and can even see when public transport is running. Via the Entrance Display, everyone who lives in the house can also make their reservations for a car pool or conference room.


of all residents log in to the app at least once a day.


More than 650 posts have been created in the feed with over 1700 comments. This gives an average of 2.6 comments per post.


of all residents have registered in the app.

All members of Soltornet are positive about the housing app and experience added value that facilitates parts of everyday life. Two members of Soltornet, Börje, 73, and Berit, 72, often use the app for various services and information.

– We look mainly in the feed and to keep track of the menu from the house’s restaurant, Salt & Sea, which we often use. We have also used external services shown in the app, such as home cleaning. For us, it is also an advantage that you can easily find contact information for the neighbors, even if we wish there was greater flexibility in the function. We wish you could search for apartment numbers as well, says Berit and Börje.

– But for us it was easy to get started with the app. We thought it was exciting to try something new in connection with our move to Norrtälje. If we get some time to get acquainted with something new, we usually solve it with our joint efforts in the end. And we can always turn to Alexander if we have any problems or questions, he is a real sweet heart, says Börje.

For Pernilla Göthe, 35, the app has become the obvious digital meeting place.

– The feed is the function I use most in the app. It feels like I have all my neighbors much closer to me, especially now in pandemic times when we are all more digital. I go in at least once a day to both read and write my own posts. It also feels safe to have easy contact routes to the board via the feed or via contacts, says Pernilla.

– The app has made everyday life easier for me in several situations and I have also used the services to book one of the bikes in our bike pool quite often. Now that I have my dog ​​Ymer, I will probably also book a car in the app from time to time, so we can go a little further, Pernilla continues.

That Index Residence members are satisfied with the app is clear and for Anna and Alexander it is proof that their solid work to offer exceptional service and constantly work with the house’s social cohesion has worked. In May, it’s time for new members to move into Havstornet, which is located right next to Soltornet.

– Almost all apartments in Havstornet are sold and even there the lifestyle concept “Touch by Index Residence” and of course the app are included. We have noticed that our members of Soltornet become their own ambassadors for the app. It is often we see that they sit in the restaurant on a Friday afternoon and show the app to their friends and tell about how easily they can communicate with us through it, says Anna.

– A novelty for Havstornet is that this summer we will also launch Touch Work Lounge. It is a coworking arena that enables the chance for all members to rent an office space, both for one day but also more permanently. Our members can rent separate office space or desk space in open office landscapes, Alexander continues.

For a member who lives in Soltornet, Erik Lindqvist, 33 years old, it means a great advantage to be able to take part in an office landscape in such close proximity to his home.

– Today we have access to conference rooms in the Lounge in Soltornet, which has made everyday life a lot easier for me. Now that I only work remotely, it’s nice to know that I can book my workplace via the app when I need it. I will definitely rent a workplace in the Work Lounge as well, which my wife Maja will do too, says Erik.

– We will actually move from Soltornet to a new apartment in Havstornet in May, because we want a larger apartment. We thrive so well here and have realized over time what benefits we have from having all our resources gathered and available digitally. We really want to stay here at Index Residence, says Erik.

– It makes us as housing developers very happy to hear. That’s the brightest proof that we offer our members something beyond just living – we offer them a higher quality of life. Tmpl’s housing app has made it possible for us to have the chance and space to focus on the social presence and build relationships with our members. It has created a strong cohesion among the neighbors and it has in turn contributed to a very good living environment, Anna concludes.