Oscar Properties

Oscar Properties realized at an early stage the need for an efficient means of communicating with their customers

A digital platform would make it easy to communicate and also add value to their core product. In early 2018, Oscar Properties began to connect tenant-owner associations to Tmpl’s platform, which residents can access through the white-label app Oscar Properties World.

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Increased social connection and relieved administration and customer service.

Consumption tracking

Decrease in consumption, lowered costs, and a lowered impact on the climate. A win-win-win situation.


The services that Oscar Properties offers tenants are very popular. Everything from cleaning and fitness to grocery delivery is part of the Oscar Properties World.


3690 kg drop in paper distributed to new tenants in 2018 thanks to Tmpl’s digitalization of documents.

By offering tenants valuable services, we boost customer satisfaction. At the same time, we’re able to streamline administration and maintenance through improved efficiency. Tmpl will be an important part of our operations going forward.
Niklas Bauer
CIO & Head of Digital Business Development, Oscar Properties