Rosendal Fastigheter

Rosendal Fastigheter understood back in 2015 the need for a tool that neighbors could use to get to know and get closer to each other

With a focus on the social feed, the Uppsala-based company was the first to connect properties to the Tmpl platform, which residents can now access via the white-label app RF Home.

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Here, you get to know the neighbors, exchange services and enhance cooperation. It creates a feeling of safety and community.

Consumption tracking

The total consumption of water and electricity in a property has decreased with up to 8 %.


The possibility to order goods and services in the app is directly connected to Rosendal Fastigheter’s customer satisfaction, as it is a central part of an easy everyday life for the users.


During one year in a property with 344 apartments, close to 300 issues were solved  by residents helping each other instead of a janitor having to go there.

With the app, you get access to a variety of smart solutions that make life easier, more comfortable and more fun. But what I like the most is that the app brings people closer together and encourages cooperation. In Sweden, many people live in solitude. With the app, we lower the threshold so that encounters occur more easily - both digitally and in real life.
Björn Kallin
Marketing & Sales Manager, Rosendal Fastigheter