Avy and Tmpl announce a definitive merger agreement forming the leading housing app and Tenant Experience Platform in the Nordics.

For over 6 years, Tmpl has developed technology adapted for humans and their home. Now Tmpl merges with Avy and the new company name becomes 
Avy-Tmpl. New name – but with the same commitment, heart and vision.

Avy-Tmpl’s combined platform results in the widest product range in the Nordics and a complete offer for property owners and residents. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we continue to look forward to working towards the vision of leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing.

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Wallenstam realizes the digital staircase with Tmpl’s platform

Wallenstam has used Tmpl’s platform for over three years and has always been thinking about their tenants needs when they have managed and developed new housing and districts. Since they started to use the platform, Wallenstam has noticed an extensive improvement and development of their tenant communication and how the property quality have had improved management quality and reduced administration.

Wallenstam is one of Sweden’s largest private housing companies, with approximately 11,000 rental apartments in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala. For Wallenstam, it is about so much more than just managing and building homes. Being able to offer sustainable housing solutions that combine modern and digitized solutions has long been a given for Wallenstam. In their new productions, the digital stairwell with connected mailboxes, Tmpl’s entrance displays and Tmpl’s housing app are a living part of the vision.

– We started with two of Tmpl’s entrance displays in 2019 in two houses in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Since then, we have noticed a strong demand to continue digitizing our stairwells and making information available to our tenants, says Annelie Brandt, technical system administrator at Wallenstam.

Wallenstam has been using Tmpl’s platform since 2019 and works actively with their digital tenant communication. The platform has also contributed to more efficient management and reduced administration for several of Wallenstam’s employees. For Annelie Brandt, who has worked at Wallenstam since 2016, her role has been greatly facilitated thanks to Tmpl’s platform. In her professional role as technical system administrator, she has a deep insight and great responsibility in Wallenstam’s digital systems and how these systems contribute to a more efficient, sustainable and digital living experience.

– My everyday life consists of troubleshooting, analysis, administration and operation of all our systems. For us administrators, it is important to be able to centralize our affairs, automate our workflows and have a digital presence, which we can do thanks to Tmpl’s platform, says Annelie.

– Digitizing our work has proven to be a successful way to reach even further out in the organization and in our housing stock, without being physically there. It has been very effective, both for us as employees and for our customers. We can be seen and help in several places at the same time, says Annelie.

“Digitizing our work has proven to be a successful way to reach even further into the organization and into our housing stock, without being physically in place.”

Christopher Brunnman works with Customer Responsible Management at Wallenstam and works closely with technical managers and administrators. For Christopher, it is important to get information out quickly to all tenants in order to back up the support and be there as a personal contact for all residents. At the same time, Christopher gets a good basis from the app, where he can see what all the tenants are writing.

– For us, it is important that our tenants thrive and in the app we can quickly capture what is good and what needs to be improved. The app also gives us an opportunity to handle error reports that we may not have had any previous insight into. For example, if the elevator is broken in a property and no one has made an error report on it, I will see if anyone writes about it in the feed. Then I can capture that information directly and inform the tenants that repairs are on its way, says Christopher.


tenants at Wallenstams are currently registered and use the housing app.


In the coming year, Wallenstam will have over 100 entrance displays in operation.


of all Wallenstam’s tenants log in at least once a day.

Both Christopher and Annelie are familiar with the digitalization journey that Wallenstam is carrying out and they both see the tenant communication and the digital staircase as an important part of their housing offer.

– I am sitting in the front row and get to take part in the digitalization journey we are carrying out, and what added value it brings directly to our tenants. From having physical note boards in the stairwell with notes and locking pistons to the laundry room, to having digital, interactive entrance displays with bookable common resources. Our high digital presence has definitely lifted our overall offering, says Christopher.

Wallenstam currently has 62 entrance displays in their houses in Stockholm and Gothenburg and will install 40 more before the end of the year. With the entrance display, Wallenstam can mirror their housing app and show the feed, housing registers, public documents as their energy declaration and reach out with quick information to all tenants in the house – including those who do not have a smartphone.

– With Tmpl’s entrance displays, we avoid that manual action of having to pick up notes in all our residential buildings, which saves us a lot of time. There will be much less administrative tasks for us, for example in moving in and out or emergency matters. In addition, our tenants get a much nicer living environment with the entrance display, says Annelie.

“With Tmpl’s entrance displays, we avoid the manual action of having to pick up notes in all our residential buildings, which saves us a lot of time.”

In Gothenburg, Alexander Torstensson works as a technical system administrator and is primarily responsible for the technology that the tenants use and ensures that installation and administration are set up correctly. Alexander has seen an increased use of the app in the past year and a growing behavior around the sharing economy in the properties. Alexander believes that landlords will in the long run be able to compete a bit on what you can offer for services to your tenants.

– A landlord is no longer the same as the other, but rather distinguishes between what digital services you can offer your tenants and how we can help make their everyday life easier. Being able to digitize your home is at least as important for the tenants as it is for the property owner, says Alexander.

“Being able to digitize your home is at least as important to the tenants as it is to the property owner.”

Mirelle Fylke has lived in an Wallenstam apartment since 2015 and has for the past three years used both the housing app and had an entrance display in the stairwell. For Mirelle and her family, Tmpl’s platform has facilitated everyday life and contributed to a good atmosphere in their residential area in Kvillebäck.

– When we moved into our first apartment, we received our rent in the mailbox and the information on the bulletin board down the stairs. Now everything is gathered in the app and it is so convenient for us. And it is very fun to see that the app is used a lot by us who live here, everything from borrowing a drilling machine to finding walking friends, says Mirelle.

– The best thing about the app is that it has never been difficult to understand how I should use it and how easy it is to reach out to my neighbors or read the latest information from Wallenstam. Having a housing app has become a matter of course for me, Mirelle concludes.

To hear from tenants that they are satisfied with their digital housing communication, is a top rating for Wallenstam employees such as Alexander, Annelie and Christopher, who are constantly working to be able to offer high-class service and the latest technology.

– It shows that there are no limits for us in our digital journey. For us at Wallenstam, it has never been a question of whether the property portfolio should be digitized — but rather how we should do it. Now that we can see the positive consequences, directly from our tenants after they have used the platform, we know that we are making an important and significant contribution. That makes me happy, Annelie concludes.