• On which devices can you use Tmpl?
    • You can use Tmpl on an iPhone or an Android phone.

  • What is required to install Tmpl?
    • The technical requirements needed are an iPhone 5 or a later model (iOS 11) or Android (version 5).

  • Who can see what I’m writing in the Feed?
    • What you write in the Feed is only visible for you and those who are connected to the same housing association/building/workplace.

  • Can my neighbours see my electricity and water consumption?
    • No, your consumption is only linked to your apartment. Only you and the others living with you in the apartment can see the consumption.

  • Can I delete what I have written in the Feed?
    • Yes, you can.

      You can also report posts written by other neighbours as inappropriate content.

      If you delete your account, all your user data is deleted automatically.

  • I have ideas about new features, what do I do with them?
    • Tmpl is built to increase the user-friendliness, and all suggestions are welcome. Contact us at ideas@tmpl.se

  • We would like to connect the app to another service that we have, e.g. a laundry room booking system, entry solution, document bank or such – how can we do this?
    • Please contact us for a discussion about this. We can then offer you a customized app.