Tmpl’s features make life easier, safer and more sustainable

Communication and information


A social feed where landlords, residents, tenant owner association boards and employees can communicate and share information. Users can contribute to the local sharing economy by buying, selling, lending and exchanging things in the Feed.


All documents, images and films related to your residence or workplace together in one place. These could include manuals or maintenance instructions.


Contact details for companies and individuals you may need to contact concerning your residence, building or neighborhood.

Features for a more flexible and sustainable everyday life

The Tmpl platform contains features that make it easy to book available resources and reduce energy consumption. This makes it easier to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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A booking calendar for shared resources, such as a laundry room, overnight accommodation or a conference room. Users can add private resources that can then be booked by others.


Monitoring electricity and water consumption with an option to compare with others.


An easy way to send and error report. E-mail, integration with existing systems or links to websites may be used.

Unique offers and financial overview

End-users can access a selection of offers from various suppliers and easily get an overview of payments made in the platform.

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A residential or office-related range of services from suppliers with which the property company and Tmpl have agreements. This could include anything from insurance and cleaning to home deliveries and carpentry.


An overview of various purchases made during a period and an option to select a payment method.