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Take a look at the 30 most common questions and requirements.

Are you also facing the challenge of taking the digitalization of your properties to the next level? We have collected the 30 most common questions when acquiring a housing app.
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How a housing app can streamline your management

Tmpl has extensive experience of helping our customers digitize their property holdings. We have collected the most common requirements and questions when it comes to digitizing their properties and tenancies – a report that shows how our product can streamline and improve your processes internally and how the product can make everyday life easier for your tenants.

How Tmpls features simplifies everyday life 

Features that facilitate and engage.

Tmpl’s wide range of functions simplifies everyday life for more than 134,000 households and offices. Apply the functions to all or specific parts of your property portfolio – a complete digital solution for you and your customers’ everyday lives.

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