Avy and Tmpl announce a definitive merger agreement forming the leading housing app and Tenant Experience Platform in the Nordics.

For over 6 years, Tmpl has developed technology adapted for humans and their home. Now Tmpl merges with Avy and the new company name becomes 
Avy-Tmpl. New name – but with the same commitment, heart and vision.

Avy-Tmpl’s combined platform results in the widest product range in the Nordics and a complete offer for property owners and residents. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we continue to look forward to working towards the vision of leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing.

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Tmpl’s Personal Data Policy

What is personal data?
All information that directly or indirectly can be associated with a physically living person is personal data. An image can, for example, count as personal data even if no names are mentioned in the image. Personal data is not only direct associations to a person, but also choices made and behaviours that can be associated with specific person.

Why does Tmpl have a Personal Data Policy?
As provider of our service, we have a commitment to build and preserve a society where personal information is respected as well as protected. We are convinced that the respect for personal integrity is of utter importance for you as a user of our service to trust us as a service provider. In this document, we describe to you how we at Tmpl collect and handle information about you.

What personal data do we handle?
We only collect personal data that are necessary for us to deliver our service to you as a user. This include, for example, name, address, apartment number and e-mail address. With Tmpl’s service, you have, as a user, the possibility to strengthen your integrity further by, in a specific activity, choose the level of tensing, for example the time span for a post you publish. Furthermore, we might collect technical data about the devices where you use our services; such as IP address, unique device ID, type of browser and cookie information. More information about the cookies we use is available in our cookie policy.

Why do we handle personal data?
We handle personal data to be able to fulfil our commitment to you as a user of the service. To be able to deliver services to you, identify you and administrate your account. To be able to maintain, develop, test and improve our digital channels and the technical platforms where they are delivered. In case you have given your consent to receive marketing information, such information will be sent to you.

With who do we share personal data?
To be able to deliver our service, we may need to share personal data with other companies. Your personal data may also be used by third party suppliers that help us provide our services. We do not share personal data to third party suppliers without your consent. That imply that you, when it is necessary that you share your personal information with a third party, will get a message about it where you can choose to give or not give your consent. When we share your personal data with another company, we have contracts and routines to protect it.

At Tmpl, we handle your personal and user data with utter heed. Only employees and people working with us that should handle personal and user data have the rights to access it.

For how long do we save your data?
Tmpl saves your personal data for as long as it is needed to fulfil the purposes described in this policy. When our relation is concluded, all your personal data is deleted. We are and remain open about the information we have about you as a user. When requested from a secure party, for example The Swedish Data Protection Authority or you as a user, we provide data in a structured and user-friendly format.

What personal data do we have about you?
To access the personal data we have about you, we ask you to contact us. See contact information below.

Our Personal Data Policy is formulated to be a win-win relation between you as a user and us as a service provider. At every development and change process that we start and where personal integrity is a risk element this is counted for and forms the basis of our work so that you as a client and user can feel reliability towards Tmpl as an organisation and service provider.

Welcome as client and user of Tmpl’s services!

E-mail: personuppgifter@tmpl.se

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