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We operate in a fast-paced industry. Sometimes, we barely have time to stop and talk about everything that’s happening. But we’re doing our best to collect all the latest news here.

What we do

Using digital solutions, we simplify communication and make our residences, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities more secure, more pleasant and more sustainable.

Wästbygg encourages and stimulates sustainable and active living in Frösunda

In the co-op Frösunda 1 in Bålsta, the app Boaktiva is used. The app is based on Tmpl’ features, and it is a part of Wästbygg’s concept with the same name – a concept for ecological, social and economic sustainability, where nudging is used to encourage and stimulate the residents to be active, hang out with each other and share things.

Monitor your household consumption of water and electricity with Tmpl and Infometric or Compwell

Buildings that are connected to Infometric’s or Compwell's systems let their residents easily monitor their consumption of water and electricity by using Tmpl. In the app, residents can see how much cold water, hot water and electricity they have used during recent days and months.

Com Hem starts a new collaboration regarding smart accommodations

Com Hem and Tmpl have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly offer digital services regarding Smart Home, energy monitoring, services and social interaction to Com Hem’s customers. Tmpl provides a platform for integration of different digital services to residents. The service platform is offered to property owners in Sweden, and will contribute to a better living experience for residents and simplify the administration for the property owners. The agreement means that Com Hem will be Tmpl's exclusive partner for distribution to customers in the property owner segment.

An easier everyday life – Inspiration Rosendal

Inspiration Rosendal is connected to Tmpl. In the Tmpl app, one can find all documents relating to the apartment, the property and the housing association. Here you will find manuals, maintenance instructions and rules. If a problem would occur you can easily make an error report directly in the app. An error message is then sent directly to the person responsible for correcting that type of problem. You can also find useful contact information under the contact section.

Europe’s smartest house

In Uppsala you can find 34 super modern apartments located in the newly built Tiunda Park. It’s an area especially designed to become Europe's smartest and most connected multi-family house area. Law student Lisa Pålsson from Skåne has just unpacked her boxes in her new apartment, that is equipped with a range of Smart Home solutions that she can easily control from her phone and Tmpl app.

New cooperation regarding smart accommodations in Nacka

Tmpl and the property development company Tobin Properties signs a license agreement, where Tmpl's tech platform for the digitalized home will be built into Tobin Properties real estate project. The first of Tobin's residential areas to be connected to Tmpl's technology is 5 Hus in Nacka, where residents will move in during the summer and autumn of 2017.

Modern living close to the nature in Smaragden

The district of Rosendal in southern Uppsala is close to the city centre as well as the beautiful nature, and is well situated right next to Stadsskogen. The newly built housing association Smaragden in Rosendal consists of 114 modern one bed room apartments and two bedroom apartments, especially developed for active people who like to interact with their neighbours. All apartments in Smaragden are equipped with Tmpl, which is used as a common platform for communication and interaction between the neighbours.