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Our partners

Tmpl’s mobile app contains a number of basic functions to make everyday life easier, increase security and promote better sustainability. In order to gather all the functionality into one place, Tmpl is modular, built as an open, horizontal platform. This provides the possibility to easily connect externally developed services, apps and functions that meet our requirements in terms of benefits and security. Tmpl thus has no limits as to which new functions can be developed and added; instead, demand from customers will guide how Tmpl’s digital ecosystem is developed.

If you are a potential partner for Tmpl with a service or functionality that could be connected to Tmpl’s platform, we want to hear from you. We will be glad to collaborate with companies who share our values and who want to be part of creating customer value and benefits for society.

If you are a potential partner, please contact our Partner Manager Pärham Jalili, 

We are Tmpl

Tmpl began with a vision of making it easier for people to live and work — whether they are neighbors, employees, tenants or citizens.

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What we do

Using digital solutions, we simplify communication and make our residences, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities more secure, more pleasant and more sustainable.

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