The Proptech-company Tmpl and the storage company ZTORAGE launched a new project together during autumn of this year. People who reside in properties that are connected to Tmpl can now easily use ZTORAGE’s services.

ZTORAGE offers a modern form of warehousing where the items one wishes to store will be collected free of charge and shipped to the company’s warehouse. You can then retrieve one or several items from the warehouse at any time, and have them delivered to any address. In ZTORAGE’s web portal, you as a customer have an overview of the things you keep in the warehouse.

Tmpl provides a platform for integration of digital services regarding for example social interaction, service, and booking and sharing of resources. If you reside in a building connected to Tmpl, you can order a pickup of small, medium and large items for warehousing in ZTORAGE, as well as home delivery. A small item could be a storage box, a medium sized item could be a table, and a big item a sofa. You can also request a price suggestion if you are unsure on how to categorize your items.

– In the future, technology will have an ever-increasing impact on the construction of residential areas. By using ZTORAGE, property owners can avoid building storage facilities, and with Tmpl, residents can easily order a pickup and store their items, says Oscar Hentschel, one of ZTORAGE’s founders.

– ZTORAGE aims, like Tmpl, towards making everyday life easier for homeowners and residents, and therefore, their service fits very well with the range of services we offer in Tmpl, says Eric Anderbjörk, CEO at Tmpl.

How Tmpl works:

With the help of an app and a smart phone, residents can control their locks, alarms and other security features at home. It is also possible to communicate with neighbours, book and share resources and have contact with surrounding service facilities such as shops, restaurants and training facilities. Alarms can be directly linked to the service companies, to get the fastest help possible during for example a water leak. Tmpl is already installed in several residential areas in Uppsala and Stockholm.

For more information:

Eric Anderbjörk, Tmpl, 070-620 01 07

Oscar Hentschel, ZTORAGE, 070-797 02 09