The complete 
engagement platform.

Tmpl’s platform provides a digital interface for property owners and tenants – a platform that makes places more digital for better experiences and smoother management. Optimize your business and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs

Streamline the maintenance processes, reduce your operational costs and obtain an increased level of service with Tmpl.

Digital everyday life

With the home and office related solutions in their mobile phones, users can solve their to-do’s wherever they are.

Boost sustainability

The Tmpl platform contributes to a more sustainable everyday life – socially, economically and environmentally.

Tmpl App

Digitalise properties with relevant services and functions, all gathered in one app. Create added value and benefits for both residents and office tenants.

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Tmpl Manager

Improve the administration processes related to the property with Tmpl Manager. Manage and coordinate requests, content and data in one simple tool.

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Tmpl Display

With Tmpl Display users can book the property’s shared amenities, view relevant documents and get hold of the latest information from the feed.

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Tmpl Property Manager

View and process issue requests in one simple admin interface. Get a clear overview of all requests in the entire portfolio with progress status.

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Ready to get started?

Do you want to know more about how Tmpl's platform can optimize your business? Please get in touch with Magnus Wretbring at Tmpl.

Magnus Wretbring
Head of Business Development
+46 709 42 72 50