Tmpl Display – for an inclusive customer experience.

With Tmpl Display installed in common areas of the property, users can book the property’s shared amenities such as laundry rooms or conference rooms, and read, interact and comment on the latest information from the communication feed. Increase your property management quality and create a more inclusive communication.

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Digitialise properties

Tmpl’s digital platform helps streamline och simplify the management of the entire property portfolio.

Tmpl for everyone

Tmpl Display allows users who don’t have a smartphone, or visitors, to utilize the shared content and features of the platform.

Make public documents digital and visible in the Tmpl Display.

Enhance the tenant experience in the property and let users interact with digital screens. The users who live and work in the property can read and access shared documents such as instructions, rules of procedure, important contact persons and other valuable information concerning the property.

Digitalise and gather all documents in one place

Digitalise everyday life at home.

Tmpl Display serves as a complement to the app, reflecting a large part of the features users find in their app, such as booking of shared bicycles or the property’s shared amenities. Users who do not have a smartphone can make bookings directly on the Tmpl Display screen.

The digital staircase at Wallenstam

Digitalise everyday life at the office.

Digitalise shared spaces in commercial properties and simplify everyday life for the users in an office. With the help of the Tmpl Display, users get an overview of the office’s available spaces, make bookings for meeting rooms, view public documents, read important information in the feed and look up contacts in the property’s professional network.

Tmpl’s app for offices and coworking

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