Tmpl Manager – for easy administration.

Manage the Tmpl platform including the mobile app in one admin interface. Administrate, manage and coordinate property related tasks with Tmpl Manager.

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Streamline issue management

With the help of a complete issue management system, users’ issue requests are handled directly in Tmpl Manager.

Manage shared 

Make shared amenities such as laundry rooms and conference rooms available and let users book them directly in the app.

Make administration more efficient.

The web-based administration tool Tmpl Manager is delivered together with the Tmpl app and is for property administrators. Make the organisation’s administration more efficient by easy managing incoming questions and issues from the property’s users in Tmpl Manager.

Streamline the issue management process

Monitor keywords

Monitor selected keywords and get notifications immediately – a proactive way to act on users’ comments.

Manage your data

Gain valuable insights by collecting and managing data from your properties. Make better data-driven decisions.

Digitalise agreements

Save time by streamlining the process of contract management and let users e-sign digital contracts directly in the app.

Add digital processes and reduce operational costs.

With Tmpl Manager, administrators gain a better overview of different workflows in the organisation. Replace manual work with digital processes and reduce costs for contract management, e-signing routines and communication with users.

Streamline the issue management process

Communicate with all users or parts of the property portfolio.

The communication solution in Tmpl Manager helps managers and property owners to read, interact and communicate directly with users. As an administrator, you can comment, like and send targeted information to users in the entire property portfolio or specific messages to parts of the property.

Improve your communication with users

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