Tmpl Property Manager
– for enhanced services.

Streamline and simplify issue management with Tmpl Property Manager. Manage issue reports and work orders whether on-site or remote, while keeping track of all requests. Create, read and comment on posts in the feed and monitor keywords and content.

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Meet digital expectations

Tmpl’s issue management system facilitates service requests while improving transparency and the digital user experience.

Reduce operational costs

Increase the level of service with Tmpl Property Manager while reducing property management’s time and thus operational costs.

Satisfied customers – without effort.

Let users log issues and requests directly in the app and chat with landlords and the service staff. Set up issue categories and provide rapid notifications through automatic replies and progress updates. Enhance your digital presence and service while reducing inefficiencies.

Live chat

Using the live chat in the app, users are able communicate directly with the service staff to facilitate the issue management process.

Attach images

Simplify the issue management and urgency determination by enabling attachment of images and videos.

Monitor keywords

Monitor keywords in the feed and get notifications instantly – respond and act directly on user comments.

Manage issue requests with ease.

Learn how to prioritise all issue requests with Tmpl Property Manager and handle requests and dispatch contractors on the go. Let your team follow requests from start to finish and get a clear overview of all requests in the entire portfolio with progress status. Further streamline operations with data from the issue management system.

Digitalise the issue management process

Notify progress status

Get a complete overview of the progress status of all requests – registered, started, canceled or closed.

Ease operations

View issues requests in one simple admin interface. Provide automatic replies to users and save valuable time.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain valuable insights and streamline operations with data from previous issue requests.

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