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A customized platform strengthens your brand and customer relations

As a project developer of residences, your brand and good customer relations are an important part of your business. With Tmpl’s platform as a foundation, you can create the perfect tool for this. An app that facilitates communication with residents, resource booking and problem reporting, and can offer your residents services and much more. Space becomes a service and you can continue to pursue revenue and receive important data for future projects. Given that the solution can also be designed in accordance with your wishes, it will soon become an important part of building your brand.

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Inform, invite, propose and vote

The Feed is the association’s own social forum where residents can post information about important events, send invitations to meetings, hold votes or post something they want to buy or sell. They can also receive continuous information about their energy and water consumption.

The Feed

All important matters gathered in a single location

Like a tenancy manual, but with more space and easier to read. The app gathers all the information to do with the residence, including those manuals that are nowhere to be found when they’re needed. There are also instructional films and maintenance instructions.   All information is passed smoothly from one owner to the next.

The Library

Reporting problems — take a picture and send it to the property manager

A washing machine that doesn’t rinse, a door that won’t close or something about a residence that doesn’t feel right. Via the app, residents can easily report what needs to be fixed and send it to the person responsible.


Order services and pay directly in the app

The app lets residents order different types of goods and services — for example, food deliveries, services such as cleaning or dog walking, or anything else that makes life at home easier. They pay with Swish directly in the app or by using another suitable method.


Book the laundry room, parking, BBQ area and more

The laundry room, guest parking, BBQ area — even your neighbor’s drill. The app can be used for booking or sharing the association’s common resources, but residents can also share their own belongings to make life easier for their neighbors. And of course, the bookings sync with the calendar function on the resident’s mobile phone.


Important contacts — tenant owner association board, property manager and others

Using the app, residents can easily get in touch with members of the board or other important functions in the tenant owner association. Of course, they can also add companies they may need to contact if something happens.


We are Tmpl

Tmpl began with a vision of making it easier for people to live and work — whether they are neighbors, employees, tenants or citizens.

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What we do

Using digital solutions, we simplify communication and make our residences, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities more secure, more pleasant and more sustainable.

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