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A simpler solution for property management

The Tmpl platform has been developed to meet future residential needs in apartment buildings and residential areas. It provides managers with a tool that easily and safely manages residents’ various needs for information, communication and administrative support, creates a stronger relationship with the residents and gives the manager control over the services in the property. A shared residential app also creates the conditions for increased neighbor cooperation, a sense of solidarity and security, which in turn promotes social sustainability not only in the specific property holding but in the neighborhood as well.

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Create an active resident dialogue

The residents can discuss matters large and small concerning life in their building and the residential area, and can easily contact the manager if something isn’t working. The manager can send targeted information to residents in a certain building and create an active resident dialogue through real-time communication.

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Book the laundry room, a car, a bicycle and more

Different tools and resources, such as laundry room bookings and car or bicycle pools, can be integrated and offered in the app to simplify daily life.


Order services and pay directly in the app

The app lets residents order different types of goods and services — for example, food deliveries, services such as cleaning or dog walking, or anything else that makes life at home easier. They pay with Swish directly in the app or by using another suitable method.


Reporting problems — take a picture and send it to the property manager

A washing machine that doesn’t rinse, a door that won’t close or something about a residence that doesn’t feel right. Via the app, residents can easily report what needs to be fixed and send it to the person responsible.


We are Tmpl

Tmpl began with a vision of making it easier for people to live and work — whether they are neighbors, employees, tenants or citizens.

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What we do

Using digital solutions, we simplify communication and make our residences, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities more secure, more pleasant and more sustainable.

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