Simplified everyday life with relevant services.

Today we spend more and more money on services that can be performed when we want and need it. We strive for a simplified everyday life where time is constantly increasing in value. In other words, there is a strong market for all types of services in both homes and workplaces.

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Offer local and customized services in your property.

The need for everything from insurance and cleaning to home deliveries and craftsman services is constantly relevant.

Now you can gather all these services in one place, this in an app and digital platform that is used both at home and at work. It not only simplifies life for people but drives the digitalization of the real estate industry forward.

Does your company have a service or function that could be connected to Tmpl’s platform?

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Win – win for everyone.

The meeting between service providers, real estate companies and users in the Tmpl app creates and provides strong added value for everyone.

  • Reach people in their daily lives
    – make it easier for them to choose your service.
  • Improve the customer experience
    – by meeting needs.
  • Offer a smart property
    – which simplifies everyday life and gives more satisfied residents and office tenants.

Some of the service providers we work with today.

Atrium Ljungberg
Oscar Properties
Com Hem
Stena Fastigheter
Rosendal Fastigheter
Index Residence
We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with another growth company such as Tmpl to promote simple and electrified micro-mobility close to home and work. We know that there is a clear demand for smart mobility solutions, which unfortunately have not been there on a large scale before.
Erik Bergqvist
Responsible for partnerships, VOI

Do you want to know more? Contact Mikael Gustafsson, he answers all your questions, regardless of whether you are a service provider or come from a real estate company.

Mikael Gustafsson
Head of Business Development Work
+46 768 80 00 11