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Reach customers in their everyday lives – make it simple for them to choose your service.

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customer experience

Optimize the digital customer journey in a user-friendly platform.

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In the interaction between service providers, real estate companies and platform users, added value is created for all parties.

A collection of services for residential and office users

There is a sizeable market for services related to properties, spanning everything from insurance and cleaning to home delivery and carpentry. By gathering these types of services in a single location, a platform used in everyday situations in the home and workplace, Tmpl creates synergies that help to drive the digitization of the property sector forward.

If you are a potential partner for Tmpl with a service or functionality that could be connected to Tmpl’s platform, we want to hear from you. We will be glad to collaborate with companies who share our values and who want to be part of creating customer value and benefits for society. You are welcome to contact us at

We are very happy to collaborate with another growth company like Tmpl in order to promote simple and electrified micro mobility close to homes and workplaces. We know that there is a clear demand for smart mobility solutions that, unfortunately, have not existed on a larger scale before. Therefore, we have developed a subscription service that from now on enables properties to provide light electric vehicles every day, adjacent to homes and workplaces.
Erik Bergqvist
Responsible for partnerships, VOI

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