Avy and Tmpl announce a definitive merger agreement forming the leading housing app and Tenant Experience Platform in the Nordics.

For over 6 years, Tmpl has developed technology adapted for humans and their home. Now Tmpl merges with Avy and the new company name becomes 
Avy-Tmpl. New name – but with the same commitment, heart and vision.

Avy-Tmpl’s combined platform results in the widest product range in the Nordics and a complete offer for property owners and residents. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we continue to look forward to working towards the vision of leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing.

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Digitalise and gather all documents in one place.

Tmpl’s organisational solutions help to collect, structure and digitalise all documents and agreements for more efficient processes. With digital signing, response times are shortened and customer service can be relieved.

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Collect and digitalise documents related to the home or office.

Collect all relevant documents related to the accommodation or the office in one place. Avoid unnecessary administration and make sure that the latest information is up to date for all tenants and end users.

Streamline contract management – digitalise the process today.

Simplify the process of contract and lease management and avoid manual and time-consuming tasks. With our solution, it is possible to create, administer and archive agreements directly in the app. Post documents for signing and let users sign agreements wherever they are. Become paper free today – for a sustainable future.

Tmpl's users can sign agreements and identify themselves securely wherever they are, on any device. Being able to e-sign the documents when moving in or moving out of an apartment is just one example of how you can make life easier for both tenants and property managers.
Mathias Björlin
Head of Partner Sales at Scrive

Enables secure and fast digital signing.

Let tenants and users e-sign agreements and other contracts digitally with secure third part solutions. Shorten response times and send fewer reminders with secure and automated processes.

List the property’s important contacts directly in the app.

Gather all important contacts in the app – emergency contacts, neighbours or professional networks. Help users to find the contact information for key people who is connected to the property. A relief for both users and property managers.

This organise category is

only a part of the Tmpl platform.

Tmpl’s platform for real estate is dynamic, scalable and integrated. This particular organise section is only one part of the complete product. Read more about how Tmpl can help to digitalise properties and streamline property management with the help of more solutions in other categories.


Communicate with the property portfolio wherever you are. Become paperless and reach out to the entire organisation instantly.

Effective communication


With several access solutions, we help property managers to ensure secure access and accessibility in all areas of the property.

For a secure access


Digitalise daily processes in a time-efficient way, offer a better service to tenants and get new potential income channels from the app.

Enhanced service offer