Digitalise and streamline the issue management process.

Improve the service for those who work in the property and create new income with an attractive offer, interactive case management system and invoice notification directly in the mobile app.

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Improve the issue management process with Tmpl’s platform.

Tmpl’s uniquely developed product Property Manager, where landlords and property managers easily can handle error reports in the app, is a complete tool which is both cost effective and time saving. Facilitate all the administrative work for the service personnel who are on the go.

The digital house for tenants

Create new revenue opportunities with additional services.

Increase the service in the property by offering a selection of relevant services connected to the home and the office – tailored for property owners. Offers on insurance, electricity contracts and nearby restaurants are just a few examples of attractive offers for tenants. Create new revenue opportunities and simplify everyday life for end users.

Digitalising our work has proven to be a successful way to reach even further into the organisation and into our properties, without being physically at a specific property.
Annelie Brandt
Technical system Administrator, Wallenstam

Enable purchases with secure payment options.

Through smart integrations, users are offered to pay for additional services – directly in the app. Users can checkout via credit card or invoice and get an overview of all expenses in the app’s digital wallet. Increase customer satisfaction and give users a seamless experience.

Let users pay the rent and subscriptions directly in the app.

Avoid physical paper invoices and simplify payment routines for tenants and users by distributing and paying rent notices and invoices in our digital platform.

This service category is

only a part of the Tmpl platform.

Our platform for real estate is dynamic, scalable and integrated. This service section is only one part of the complete product. Read more about how Tmpl can help to digitalise properties and streamline property management with the help of more solutions in other categories.


Communicate with the property portfolio wherever you are. Become paperless and reach out to the entire organisation instantly.

Effective communication


With several access solutions, we help property managers to ensure secure access and accessibility in all areas of the property.

For a secure access


Collect, structure and organise important documents and contacts in one place and relieve customer service.

Digitalise all documents

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