Open and adaptable
– the complete platform.

Tmpl’s digital platform is integrated, scalable and easy to adapt as needed. Our goal is to minimize confined solutions – choose the best from our platform and continue to use your systems as you wish. You can start small, evaluate and scale up at the pace that suits you.

The Tmpl App – the heart of the platform

The Tmpl App is mainly used by end users. It contains all of the functions needed to simplify everyday life and has been developed for both iOS and Android. The app allows you to log in using the BankID electronic identification system, communicate with your community via the feed, book shared facilities, report problems, make digital purchases and much, much more. The following are some of the most popular functions:

  • The feed allows users to communicate with everyone in the same community. Users can write posts, comment on other posts, create events and sell items.
  • The library allows users to gather all of their documents, photos and videos in one place. Manuals and maintenance instructions have become popular features of the library function.
  • Users can book shared facilities, such as a laundry room, a carpool service or a conference room. You can also share, buy, sell, borrow or exchange items with one another.

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Tmpl Manager – the tool that puts you in control.

As an administrator, the Tmpl Manager digital administration tool gives you a complete overview of your entire property holding. Using Tmpl Manager, you can manage and edit the feed or make additional shared facilities available for booking. You can address reported problems, manage access to the property, coordinate and organize when tenants move in or out, carry out name changes, bookings and other tasks – and so much more.

Tmpl’s entrance display – creating a complete and inclusive customer experience.

Tmpl’s entrance display screen serves as a complement to the app. The display screen shows a list of users, nearby public transit information and the weekly weather forecast. The display screen also shows the feed and allows users to book shared facilities. This allows residents who don’t have a smartphone, or visitors to the property, to utilize the content of the platform.

How the entrence display is favoured for Index Residence

Customizing the customer experience to suit your brand

Our White Label solution offers customers the opportunity to customize the app and digital platform to suit their brands. We tailor the design to ensure it reflects the company’s visual identity. This not only makes the brand more visible, but also contributes to stronger customer loyalty.

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Tmpl’s White Label platform made it easy for us to get started quickly and offer our customers an additional digital platform. The goal is for our housing app to create added value for our customers and simplify their everyday lives. They now have easy access to their homes via their mobile phones.”
Malin Ek
IT Project Manager, Wallenstam