An open and adaptable platform with different clients for different users

The technology facilitates many different tasks. The platform also enables the distribution of service offers directly to users through targeted offers.

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Customizing the customer experience to suit your brand

We offer our customers an opportunity to customize their own app to suit their brand, known as white labeling. The appearance is then adapted to meet the customer’s wishes. This helps the customer to build their own brand for their end users.

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A horizontal ecosystem 
that allows for easy integration

Tmpl will not design all of the services and content in the platform, rather it offers an interface and a transparency that allow good ideas – apps, services and more – to be combined and strengthen the platform. Accordingly, Tmpl is happy to work together with third-party providers and partners.

Open standards

Open standards, hosted in a safe, GDPR-compliant, fast and scalable environment


Open APIs to synchronize and share information


We follow RealEstateCore to enable integration with our platform.

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We add customer value in many different aspects

We create value through creation of new revenue streams, reduced costs for maintenance, enhanced sustainability but also strengthening of customer relations and a stronger brand for our customers.


Make it easier to communicate effectively - talk to everyone in your community through our feed and send out NKI surveys.

The city

The sustainable city - when our home opens up and the city becomes the common link to a more sustainable life.

Digitalize your 

Gather all communication digitally in one place and take control over your digital journey with a user-friendly platform.

Efficient communication

Position your company through digital solutions

Decisions based on data

More efficient issue management

Enhance responsiveness in surveys


Collect and manage all costs in your phone - get access to a wide range of services that simplifies everyday life.


Optimera tillgången till all viktig information 
– samla alla dokument i mobilen för att få en tydlig överblick.


Keyless accesses and interactive bookings - streamline the property's surfaces and reduce manual administration.


Sustainability has many perspectives - socially, economically and environmentally. It contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle and makes it easier to make the right decisions.